Sporty Spice Kit


Contains: Oatmeal Spice Blend, Savory Eggs Blend, Sweet Potato Seasoning, Smoothie Boost



Eating clean is a priority to you. Your diet is pure, healthy, and natural, and we get that. Luckily enough, this spice bundle features four different blends that you might just love; we can already feel your excitement! Our first mix is Oatmeal Spice – ever heard that before? We’re guessing you haven’t, since it’s our very own unique blend of ground almonds, fresh coconut flakes, rich cocoa, aromatic vanilla bean, warm cinnamon, and strong ginger. Try it once and you’ll never look back. A must for every fitness freak: the Savory Eggs Seasoning. Enjoy the essential amino acids and high protein from eggs with our rich blend of crushed sea salt, lemony tellicherry pepper, tangy paprika, herby parsley, and chopped chives. And don’t forget your healthy carbs! Our Sweet Potato Seasoning turns the world’s healthiest potato into your favorite meal with intense ginger, bold yellow mustard seeds, fresh garlic, warm nutmeg, and spicy chili pepper. And finally, our Smoothie Boost! Jam-packed with vitamins and effortless to make, we couldn’t help but add our own spiced touch on this blended fruit drink. No more excuses – we make your healthy diet simply delicious.