For the Love of Rubs


Contains: Steak Rub, Pork Rub, Seafood Rub, Hickory Rub



The perfect candidate for this spice bundle is an avid meat connoisseur, and the mere fact that you’ve got your eyes on this bundle means that could be you! This pack includes four of the best quality rubs you could ask for. Our Steak Rub consists of tasty ingredients like crushed pink pepper, herby oregano, earthy cumin, bold mustard, and some smoked salt that will make your meat smell irresistible once it’s sizzling on the grill. Our Seafood Rub tastes amazing on fish, shrimp, and sea creatures alike with intense citrus flavors crushed chili pepper and fennel seeds for the fragrance! Of course, we included our good ol’ Pork Rub. Try it out on babyback ribs or pulled pork and you’ll taste the harmonious balance between sweet- and sharpness. And lastly we have a true classic, our Hickory Rub, which is responsible for creating the perfect smoky flavor. Smoked salt and sharp black tellicherry pepper make it really savory, so we countered it with zesty orange peel, exotic cardamom, and warm brown sugar. The Hickory Rub will be your go-to spice when making smoked salmon or turkey, and anything else you’re inspired to smoke! Our spices will get you thinking creatively for your next barbecue session.