Florian, Ole and Bela met each other during their studies and the passion for cooking has always brought them together. The spontaneous idea of travelling the world together has turned into a journey full of food inspirations. Beyond encountering various cultures, the food experiences and diversity of flavors across different cities and countries have shaped our way of thinking about flavors and spices.

Florian is a real salmon lover and can eat it anytime & with everything! His favorite seasoning is the
Flavors of Italy.

Ole could never give up his beloved granola with fresh fruits for breakfast. So, his favorite Just Spices flavor is the Oatmeal Spice Blend.

Bela loves fish bouillon, especially on cold winter days. His favorite spice - as easy as it sounds – is the Tellicherry Pepper.

The Just Spices Team consists of different characters and different preferences – But we all have one point in common:


Without any doubt the whole success would have never been possible without our fast evolving, young & dynamic team. We put our values at the core of how we operate as an organization- not only concerning the high quality of our products, but also with respect to our customer’s service and satisfaction. Every week brings new challenges and every week we work together as a team to overcome the challenges to follow our passion and bring the best quality spices of the entire world into your kitchen. Innovation plays a central role for our business growth and therefore we always seek to improve and create new products for you. Of course, we also benefit from that because we all are avid foodies and enjoy to eat together as a family during our lunch breaks or after work. However, we are no machines and we need some breaks too! That is why we love to cool down the work day together, organize amazing team events and celebrate holidays. This brings us closer together and boosts our team spirit.