The Packaging

Generally,packaging should look good and be straightforward. But with ours, there’s a little more to it than that. For us, it’s crucial that our packaging is able to keep our spices fresh for as long as possible. When it comes to storing spices, there are several things to consider: that they’re airtight, protected from the sun, and dry. Keeping this in mind, we came up with the perfect solution for the freshest spices.

Fresh Our boxes are made mostly of paperboard, and composed of aluminum on the inside. We find that the spices stay fresher and crispier this way. But we didn’t stop there. For maximum, long-lasting freshness, we developed an extra membrane for our cans.

Sun Protection When spice plants are being harvested, they need sun. However, once they’re picked, the opposite is the case. That’s because sunlight diminishes the spices’ flavor and even the color, no matter how small the "light loopholes" in the package may be. Our packaging is 100% protected from the sun; SPF 100 so to speak! In other words, the taste and freshness of your spices are optimally preserved.

The best consequence of this: no more hiding your spice collection in dark cupboards! Now you can show what you've got! Small advice for the pros: make sure not to put your spices close to a moist place in the kitchen, like the shelf above your stove. Even the smallest amount of moisture adversely affects the freshness and flavor. You wouldn’t want that.

That said - you can now focus on the most important part: cooking delicious meals!