Wanna spice up your next barbecue?

Posted on June 09 2017 by Antonia Tüxen




You might want to take a look on what’s typical for barbecues on all over the world. 


Traditional Barbecue (American)

It’s burger time! What shouldn’t be missing at a barbecue? Right, spices. Let’s start by doing some delicious burger buns which we’ll top with fresh mincemeat patties. Our ‘BBQ Seasoning’ is the perfect match for it. We also love chicken wings and grilled potatoes. Yummy! Of course vegetarians won’t go away empty-handed either. They’ll benefit from delicious corn cobs and a tasty bean salad. But for sure melted marshmallows are the cherry on top, especially for the kids joining the barbecue.


Oriental Barbecue (Arabian nights)

An oriental barbecue night is just the right thing for giving your taste bulbs a real treat. The typical bread will be substituted by delicious naan-bread, the leaf salad by bulgur or couscous and the pork by flavorful minced lamb balls (Köfte) or falafel. Use our ‘Spicy Garlic Blend’ to give them an extra flavor. As a dip you could prepare a delicious yoghurt dip or an eggplant cream. And for those who want it even more spicy we definitely recommend to try harissa-sauce. Wanna have a dessert for the sweet tooth? What about serving some rice pudding with dates, something typical oriental.


Mediterran barbecue

The Italians are experts when it comes to the question what to serve on a hot day. For barbecue they usually have some light and fresh dishes. Fish, seafood and fresh vegetables are the main dishes which guarantee a perfect barbecue night. For seasoning you could use for example our ‘Seafood Rub’. Also meat with herb marinade and light salads are a must and for bread the Italians have ciabatta and focaccia. Molto bene, how the Italians would say.


African Style

Also the Africans are real barbecue experts. Africans usually broil the meat on fireplaces, which are called ‘braai’. The most famous sorts of meat are ostrich and beef. Especially typical are also big helical sausages. Since the Africans love hot food chili powder shouldn’t be missing. We recommend our ‘Extra-Spicy-Seasoning’ which will give the meat an ultimative taste. Salad, rice or couscous are the perfect garnishes.  

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