The perfect breakfast for salmon lovers

Posted on January 12 2017 by Amina Karic

Smoked salmon is delicious in every way, from the delicate and tender texture of each thin slice to that special fire-roasted aroma. While it tastes amazing on it’s own, our favorite way to pair it is on a crisp toasted avocado bagel!

The preparation may be simple but the flavor is so far from that.

Mashed avocados with a squeeze of juicy lemon makes everything taste so fresh. After that, adding a poached egg is both a classy and delicious way to bring it all together while adding in some extra protein and vitamins.  Finally, because life's too short to use normal salt and pepper, add a sprinkle of citrusy tellicherry pepper and hickory rub.

Our hickory rub makes the perfect topping  with rich blends of hickory smoked salt, fresh java pepper and aromatic cardamom with some zesty orange peels and brown sugar. It really kicks the flavor to another level. Try this recipe out for yourself and be amazed.

Serves: 1, Preparation time: 10 minutes


  • - 1 everything bagel, sliced in two

  • - ½ avocado (or more, depending on the size of your bagels)

  • - 2 eggs

  • - ½ lemon

  • Hickory Rub to taste

  • Tellicherry Pepper to taste

Optional garnishes: dill, capers, and lemon slices

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