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Done with the days of boring dishes? No more pre-made meals and canned soups. With Just Spices you´re able to go beyond the ordinary pinch of salt and pepper to find the spices that will enrich your dishes and rather inspire you and keep you creative! Who we are-The Just Spices Founders Ole, Florian, and Bela supported by the best team want you to rediscover joy in cooking again. From development to packaging - we’re a team full of passion all around.

We traveled around the world, met the local people who cooked and introduced us to the spices that created the most incredibly delicious dishes we’ve ever tasted. This is how we began to sell our colorful cans with people and their stories. Selling boring spices is easy, but we show people who cook. People with ideas. People with vision. People like you and us.

We are your new favorite online spice store for USDA organic seasonings sourced with love. We offer incredibly delicious spice blends for you as well as the most authentic and highest quality spices and seasonings. You need some cooking inspiration? We also feature recipes ideas that work perfectly with our spices.

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Eating is no fun without spices involved! We don’t just want to make cooking enjoyable for you, but also for all your friends and family who taste your delicious creations! You can consider us, the Just Spices team, as your local dealer for ingredients that create taste explosions to your dishes. Whether you’re cooking your favorite pizza recipe, your grandma’s classic casserole, or that trendy new recipe from your favorite food blogger, spices will not only refine a dish, but add a whole new twist in the best possible way.


Are you bored with your food? Well no wonder - you’re probably just missing a decent pinch of chili in your life! Or any other spice that instantly gives your dinner that “wow factor” that it’s missing. But that's why you're here; at our spice gallery you can find the best spice blends for your creative dishes. Our current collection is just the beginning: Last year we went on a world tour to discover the most authentic spice blends to add to the Just Spices collection for you. With us, you’ll have the whole world in your kitchen soon!


We send seasonings directly to your home! Conveniently, in our website you can find our complete collection of creative spice blends. You can order a range from our BBQ and Italian seasonings all the way to exotic spice blends that you can add to your oatmeal or homemade warm popcorn. At Just Spices you find seasonings for everyone. Of course, there is also salt and pepper!

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